Energy is Everything…Energy is US – What is this Force that Seems to Bind Us and at the Same Time Blind Us from Each Other?

We’re connected.  All of us.  Made of the same magnetic particles of dust, sand, star and moon rock in motion.  Each one of us, proving the very connective drive of our humanness.  Energy, whether thermal, electromagnetic, kinetic or metaphysical, is defined by its mystifying propelling and repelling nature-making it one of the most perplexing forces of the universe.

But then why do we feel so divided?  And more so, why do we define cultures by divergences in system, sense, language, and religion rather than by our instinctive cohesiveness of spirit?

In analytical psychology, Carl Jung coined the idea of the “collective unconscious.”  Jung believed in the existence of common archetypes.  These archetypes were embedded in the internal depths of the human psyche.  Furthermore, they explained why all individuals identified similar notions of emotion, including fear, love, shame, guilt, hurt and anger.  They denoted common experiences, patterns, or prototypes of human understanding.  Jung believed that these archetypes fueled our very notions of creativity and survival, like subliminal urges of recognition within the mind.

In today’s world, we see these instinctual archetypes in society by our ability to communicate, relate and work together towards common goals.  With music, for example, symbols jump out at us because of this energetic recognition of archetype.  This is why music touches us.  This is why music evokes emotions.  This is why the symbols embedded deep in certain artistic ventures can be seen and understood.

In the same way, one of the most universal and yet indescribable notions of human existence: love, can only be begun to be understood through archetype.  Everyone who claims to have experienced love’s divine mystery will agree.  It is fueled by some of the most unsolved energetic forces in this grand universe.  This force or energy is subliminal, puzzling and the poetic core of everything both seen and unseen.

We may not be able to see energy, but we can sure feel it. We can feel the pull of gravity, hear the sound of music and see the reflective nature of the electromagnetic spectrum, illuminating and coloring our eyes with imagination and insight.  And most of all, in love, we can sense when we are part of the celestial pull towards another soul, that seems to ebb us into convoluted entanglement devoid of rationality.

Energy is color.  Energy is music.  Energy is frequency.  Energy is love.  Energy is sex.  Energy is evolution.  Energy is life.  Energy is everything…and most importantly, energy is US.

So here we are, fusions of stardust in eternal confliction and war with each other because of slight political, cultural and social variations in thought and application.  But do we need to be?  Not if we begin to recognize our connective archetypical tissue.  Not if we begin to feel the energy that has always been there and always will.  Not if we begin to embrace the energy that is the very source and essence of existence.


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