God, Does This Picture Trouble Me


This guy is old. Post-70 old. He’s wearing a tie. He looks like Barry Goldwater. His lower lip is recessing into his skull. He appears to be some sort of former CEO-type who hates the fact that he’s old and can no longer function as a prima facie cog in the dream game of capitalism. Yet, he’s still alert enough, aware enough, to follow his stock on Schwab.

Yeah, Schwab!

If he is all what his countenance suggests, he’d be talking directly to Lloyd at Goldman. In other words, this guy’s pretense is a fraud.

I’m 54, and am gloriously happy that my swagger will have just a little bit more ballast than this paid-for poseur when I get to be that old.

And I sure as hell won’t be wearing a tie at 70. No fucking way.

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