What’s ‘Dis?

The Daily Dissident is your source for all of the latest topics in domestic politics, international affairs or daily technology news – just to a name a few. Perhaps a friend recommended you to drop in, or maybe you have found us purely by happenstance. No matter how you’ve discovered us, you have arrived; now you’re most likely wondering what this captivating cyber venue is all about.

At The Daily Dissident you will see that we are opinionated. We hope to be iconoclastic and contrarian, hence the offsetting of “Dis” in the “Dissident” that appears in the masthead. We pride ourselves on serving as a web magazine chock full of current domestic and international affairs articles. If that is not your speed, we also deliver relevant and up-to-date content about sports, culture and religion. You can also turn to us for daily technology news.

Succeeding its precursor, Policy and Poetry, The Daily Dissident hopes to retain the format and reader-favorability. By that same token, we also hope to provide more content and more interactive values.