Roy Shifrin

Roy Shifrin was born in New York City. He studied architecture at Cooper Union in Manhattan and painting and sculpture in Mexico. He married after his military service and, with his wife, also an artist, went to live in Spain south of Barcelona. In Europe he made his career as a sculptor in bronze of monumental work. His sculptures stand in public plaza in Manhattan, NYC; Barcelona, Spain; Orlando, Florida; San Diego, California; Battle Creek, Michigan; Badajoz, Spain; and many other sites on both sides of the Atlantic. Roy is also a poet. A book entitled, A Poet Hanging, which contains two hundred of his poems was published in 2008 and is available through major on-line bookstores. He currently lives in Vermont.

A Radical Solution

Over the next forty years we shall have to face and solve four outstanding problems: (1) A global population that by mid-century is expected to reach nine billion; (2) finding sufficient arable land to grow the food necessary to feed these increased numbers; (3) the degradation of air, water, and other resources that continues despite various “Green” movements; and (4) the ever-growing dependence on petroleum, a finite product, as a primary Continue Reading...