Nils Junge

Nils Junge is an independent consultant working in the field of international development, where he evaluates and advises on investment projects in low-income countries. He writes about what he does on his blog at Before embarking on his current career, Nils worked variously as a carpenter in France, a farmworker in Israel, an orphanage assistant in Russia, and as a back-office drone on Wall Street, when not pursuing an unsuccessful acting career that never made it to Broadway. In his free time, he plays piano and studies foreign languages.

Coronavirus Exposes the Value of Human Capital

COVID-19’s multi-pronged attack Not only is the coronavirus assaulting our bodies, killing thousands, which is bad enough. It is also attacking our social and economic structures. Scientists have found that once it enters the body, COVID-19 is capable of attacking almost any organ, with devastating consequences.  It is doing something very similar to our economic systems. Your money or your life During the spring and summer of 2020, Continue Reading...