David Glenn Cox

I who am I? Born at the pinnacle of American prosperity to parents raised during the last great depression. I was the youngest child of the youngest children born almost between the generations and that in fact clouds and obscures who it is that I am really. Given a front row seat for the generation of the 1960's, I lived in Chicago in 1960. My father was a Democratic precinct captain, my mother an election judge. His father had been a Union organizer and had been beaten and jailed for his efforts. His first time in jail was for punching a Ku Klux Klansman during a parade in the 1930's. I never felt as if I was raised in a family of activists but seeing it print makes me think, yes. That is a part of who I am. In 2006, I won a Chicago Style citation for an article entitled, "Wind Turbines, Bad?" lampooning Fox News coverage of a lawsuit to stop construction of a wind farm. I am also a featured writer for Progressive Independent; my articles have been headlined in the Op-ed News and Information Clearinghouse, and I have been published by The Huffington Post as well as Crooks and Liars. I am also a frequent contributor to Bellaciao, a European-based news website, and I am the author of the soon-to-be-published novel The Servants of Pilate on the Aardvark Press. My short story, "My Last Day of Work," has been published by three literary magazines and is under consideration as the basis of a film by an Independent film producer in Hollywood.


I asked myself the other day, just what would I do for a job.  That little demon appeared on my shoulder answering, “Why I’d star in a porn film, if my credentials would stand up.”  I know, everyone is talking about the President’s comment supporting Gay marriage.  The nominal left is gushing over the President’s remark, but to me however, this is just pure Obama.  The President says something which costs him nothing, he carefully pushes Joe Continue Reading...