Carl Conrad

Mr. Conrad recently retired from teaching economics at a midwestern university for 18 years. He worked in commercial loans and branch management in banking for seven years prior to that, and in Human resources, involved in labor relations and worker safety in a large manufacturing corporation for six years in his first job after completing his undergraduate degree. He has both an MA and BA in Economics, and believes that economists should be philosophers first and mathematicians last. The economy is much more like a cloud that is continuously changing, shifting, and impossible to accurately measure than like a truck that you drive, fuel, and repair.

The Tax Cut Deception

Advocates of tax cuts often boast of the economic power and innovation that a system of Capitalism can bring to bear on problems from which all economies suffer so they claim that government should be small and obscure.  But, if you stop to look more closely at the innovations of these private sector businesses, you’ll see that it is a system set up by government to make businesses look good and to prosper in the same way that young batters are Continue Reading...