Inés Cerro

Inés Cerro has a degree in Translation and Interpreting by University of Granada (Spain), and has lived in France and Russia during and after her studies. While working in Russia last year at the Federal University of Kazan, Inés wrote for the local newspaper, The Kazan Herald. She is curious and likes to learn about minorities, cultural differences, and discrimination (often provoked by a mix of the previous topics), and likes questioning conventional wisdom. 

Divide and Conquer, Or How Spaniards are Getting Tired

Spaniards are usually calm and patient.  We don’t protest as much as, say, the French.  We don’t think we need to.  But when we do we're serious.  And the crisis along with the changes the governing Partido Popular (Popular Party) has introduced in the past months has prompted the number of protests to rise dramatically, with an average of 10 demonstrations a day in Madrid.  People speak about little else Continue Reading...