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NFL Anthem-Sitter Colin Kaepernick Is More Patriotic Than His Critics

Colin Kaepernick

Can we all agree that "The Star Spangled Banner" is kind of a shitty song?  It's about violence and shit blowing up and gleefully murdering escaped slaves and flag fetishism.  The lyrics were written by a slave owner who sought to silence abolitionists, and the melody is taken from a song by a British dude writing about a Greek poet who celebrated drinking and fucking.  And, yeah, it's hard to sing. Continue Reading...

PayPal and Palestine


As a Palestinian-American management consultant in Ramallah, Palestine, I advise my Palestinian clients living under Israeli military occupation to use world-class software and online services, assuring them that it will help them enter global markets.  Some of these clients are not-for-profit outfits, like the Palestinian Circus School and Birzeit University; others are tech start-ups, many of which are funded by U.S. tax dollars via USAID. Continue Reading...

Trump and Extreme Vetting of Muslims


In an attempt at a foreign policy speech in Youngstown, Ohio, on Monday, Donald Trump attempted to get back to his fearmongering roots by focusing on the threat of ISIL, which he depicted as a hydra-headed menace with tentacles in a range of Western countries including the US. Continue Reading...

Why Trump’s Claims Of Election Fraud Should Be Taken Seriously


Sandwiched between attacks on "Lyin' Hillary Clinton" and his other enemies of the moment, it is by now a familiar element of Donald Trump's stump speeches: He may well lose in November because the election is rigged.  Trump, of course, probably will lose in a landslide of historic proportions and very much of his own making, but the allegation of a Big Fix needs to be taken seriously not because it's true, but because so many people believe it's Continue Reading...

Baltimore Police Department Report: What Happens When Armed, Dangerously Undertrained People Are Given Power With No Oversight


There are so many nauseating passages in the Justice Department's excoriating report on the practices of the Baltimore police department that you could spend all day vomiting and you'd still need reserves of puke to expel later.  There's the almost absurd level of racism involved in the treatment of alleged and actual criminals and completely innocent people who just happen to be there when a cop rolls up.  There's the wantonly cruel attitude Continue Reading...

The Attempted Coup in Turkey: What Next?


To the relief of most Turks and of most of the global community, the military coup attempt in Turkey failed miserably.  But the coup attempt itself and subsequent events in Turkey raise a number of questions that are of concern to Turks and the well-wishers of that geopolitically important country.  While the elected government of President Erdogan deserved to survive, it does not follow that, in that process, democracy in Turkey got Continue Reading...

Film Review: Jason Bourne


Bourne to be Wild: Don’t Trust the CIA Jason Bourne is the fifth installment in the Bourne film franchise derived from Robert Ludlum’s espionage novels that began with 2002’s The Bourne Identity.  Ludlum’s original Bourne trilogy began in 1980 but didn’t reach the big screen until shortly after 9/11, when the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies turned to what author Jane Mayer called The Dark Side.  The latest sequel continues the Bourne Continue Reading...

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The Man who Showed Donald Trump how to Exploit Power and Instill Fear


If you can judge a man by the company keeps, then Donald Trump belongs in one of hell’s inner sanctums given his longtime friendship with a truly evil man, Roy Cohn, a former acolyte of red-baiting Senator Joe McCarthy and amoral legal rogue.  Birds of feather fly together.

Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired


Welcome to the modern Orwellian workplace, replete with bogus paeans to changing the world and congratulatory parties for being cashiered.  Labor has evolved over the decades and centuries, to be sure, but some thing never change.  Fundamentally, the worker is an expendable drone who must be plied with bogus moral-boosting empty gestures to hide that fiction.  The solution: be a trust fund baby and avoid peonage entirely.

Europe’s Muslims hate the West


Why do they hate us?  That was the question de jour after 9/11.  A host of answers proffered relate to the West’s many misdeeds in the Middle East: colonial machinations, shameless support for brutal regimes, brutal interventionism,etc.  But perhaps responsibility runs, at least to some degree, both ways.  Maybe “they” are also culpable for the lousy state of affairs in the Middle East and, more generally, the problem of Islamic extremism.


There was no Republican Establishment After All


Is the Republican “establishment” being trampled on by Trump?  Not really.  The GOP’s elite has been selling Trump-lite – whispered bigotry – since at least 1964 when the party rejected that year’s seminal civil rights legislation.  That Trump is hawking a plutocratic fiscal policy indicates that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree regardless.  Who better to unpack this than the redoubtable Frank Rich?

The Tragedy of a Hall of Fame Coach and His Star Recruit


The “student-athlete” canard is something of a zombie myth that just won’t die.  We know that basketball and football players at D1 schools must devote upwards of 40 hours a week to training, thereby obviating any possibility of meaningful study.  And that’s the tip of the iceberg.  The story of Keith Frazier, once a promising basketball player at SMU, bears this out, yet again.

Mitt Romney and the Probably Doomed Revolt Against Donald Trump


The GOP “establishment” is going apoplectic over the prospect of a Trump winning the party’s nomination.  Hell hash no fury like the right’s monied elite scorned.  2012 standard bearer Mitt Romney is the latest to weigh in against the crude real estate magnate, even though he sought out his endorsement just four years ago.  The truth is, the GOP establishment would still prefer a crypto-fascist to center-left Hillary Clinton.  Amazing.