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Film Review: Jason Bourne


Bourne to be Wild: Don’t Trust the CIA Jason Bourne is the fifth installment in the Bourne film franchise derived from Robert Ludlum’s espionage novels that began with 2002’s The Bourne Identity.  Ludlum’s original Bourne trilogy began in 1980 but didn’t reach the big screen until shortly after 9/11, when the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies turned to what author Jane Mayer called The Dark Side.  The latest sequel continues the Bourne Continue Reading...

Blacks, Cops and a Sinking Economy

Black Lives Matter Black Friday

In Ethnic America, Thomas Sowell observes, “American pluralism was not an ideal with which people started but an accommodation to which they were eventually driven by the destructive toll of mutual intolerance in a country too large and diverse for effective dominance by any one segment of the population.  The rich economic opportunities of the country also provided alternative outlets for energies, made fighting over the division of existing Continue Reading...

Trump, Russia, Clinton, Email, and the Great Cosmic Jokes of This Stupid, Stupid Election


It's like we're living in the middle of a two-part cosmic fucking joke with this story that Russia may very well have hacked the Democratic National Committee and stole and then leaked emails through Wikileaks in order to help Donald Trump win the presidency of the United States because Vladimir Putin likes the cut of Trump's jib or knows that he would gladly be Putin's bottom with an asshole throbbing with yearning. Continue Reading...

Film Review: Star Trek Beyond


The Gripes of Wrath In Search of Dreck: The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be What a tired retread this umpteenth rip-off of the brand Gene Roddenberry pioneered 50 years ago with 1966’s Star Trek TV series, is, directed and produced by the cinematic art form’s most overrated, overpaid colossal no-talents.  To see how many televised and motion picture permutations - perhaps mutations is a better word? - there have been of this sci fi TV Continue Reading...

The Chilcot Report on Blair and the War on Iraq


Sir John Chilcot has finally come out with his 2.6 million-word report that was actually due in 2010.  It will take a person seven days to read the report in full, if read non-stop.  In terms of length, the report is three times the size of the complete works of Shakespeare.  We might assume that none outside the Chilcot Inquiry might have read it in full so far since its publication on July 7.  Perhaps, none in the Inquiry Committee too – four Continue Reading...

Speculation Heats Up That Herr Donald Is Only In It For The Game


To say that this political year is different than any other has -- like so many things about this political year -- become an understatement.  The reason, of course, is Donald Trump, who while not exactly defying gravity, has done a pretty good imitation of it by being so reckless that some pundits are coming around to a point of view I first espoused way back in early March after he swept the Super Tuesday primaries.  As driven as Trump is by Continue Reading...

Exposing Trump’s Trade Appeal To Working-Class Voters For What It Is


Donald Trump is selling himself as the champion of working-class voters.  He says Democrats and their presumptive presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, are selling them out with trade deals.  But Trump is just a fraud. Unfortunately, President Obama is pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and Clinton is not confronting him for doing so. That has to change – fast.  Clinton must publicly, directly and loudly challenge Continue Reading...

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The Man who Showed Donald Trump how to Exploit Power and Instill Fear


If you can judge a man by the company keeps, then Donald Trump belongs in one of hell’s inner sanctums given his longtime friendship with a truly evil man, Roy Cohn, a former acolyte of red-baiting Senator Joe McCarthy and amoral legal rogue.  Birds of feather fly together.

Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired


Welcome to the modern Orwellian workplace, replete with bogus paeans to changing the world and congratulatory parties for being cashiered.  Labor has evolved over the decades and centuries, to be sure, but some thing never change.  Fundamentally, the worker is an expendable drone who must be plied with bogus moral-boosting empty gestures to hide that fiction.  The solution: be a trust fund baby and avoid peonage entirely.

Europe’s Muslims hate the West


Why do they hate us?  That was the question de jour after 9/11.  A host of answers proffered relate to the West’s many misdeeds in the Middle East: colonial machinations, shameless support for brutal regimes, brutal interventionism,etc.  But perhaps responsibility runs, at least to some degree, both ways.  Maybe “they” are also culpable for the lousy state of affairs in the Middle East and, more generally, the problem of Islamic extremism.


There was no Republican Establishment After All


Is the Republican “establishment” being trampled on by Trump?  Not really.  The GOP’s elite has been selling Trump-lite – whispered bigotry – since at least 1964 when the party rejected that year’s seminal civil rights legislation.  That Trump is hawking a plutocratic fiscal policy indicates that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree regardless.  Who better to unpack this than the redoubtable Frank Rich?

The Tragedy of a Hall of Fame Coach and His Star Recruit


The “student-athlete” canard is something of a zombie myth that just won’t die.  We know that basketball and football players at D1 schools must devote upwards of 40 hours a week to training, thereby obviating any possibility of meaningful study.  And that’s the tip of the iceberg.  The story of Keith Frazier, once a promising basketball player at SMU, bears this out, yet again.

Mitt Romney and the Probably Doomed Revolt Against Donald Trump


The GOP “establishment” is going apoplectic over the prospect of a Trump winning the party’s nomination.  Hell hash no fury like the right’s monied elite scorned.  2012 standard bearer Mitt Romney is the latest to weigh in against the crude real estate magnate, even though he sought out his endorsement just four years ago.  The truth is, the GOP establishment would still prefer a crypto-fascist to center-left Hillary Clinton.  Amazing.